"The Harvard of Transformational Work!"

Don't Retreat, Journey Beyond

1heart is the premier plant medicine experience for heart-centered leaders, change-makers, and amazing humans. 

Our 8-week program, centered around Ayahuasca and personal development, is the most immersive program for life transformation in the world. Tuition begins at $4,977.

Each program includes an all-inclusive week at Kinkara, our EPIC home in Costa Rica, our 7-Week Living Beyond virtual preparation and integration programs, and a lifelong community of ~1,000 impact-driven, heart-led humans. 

If you come willing to do the work, the potential for significant personal growth in a 2-month time period is amongst the highest you will see anywhere.

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Join 1heart for the most life-affirming and inspirational experience of your life.

"Easily the most transformational week of my life. This experience is right up there with seeing my two sons born. I would pay $1 million or more to get to where I am now - which 1heart had everything to do with."
Sean McDade - Founder & CEO at PeopleMetrics
"My journey with 1heart brought my work and life to a new level."
Keith Ferrazzi - #1 New York Times bestselling author (2x), Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight, and former CMO @ Starwoods Hotels & Resorts
"The 1heart experience was the most impactful Journey of my life."
Gerard Adams - "The Millennial Mentor" Co-Founder of World-Class Leaders, Founder Elite Daily (SOLD to Daily Mail for $50 Million)
"My life will be marked in a before and after 1heart way of being… If you're looking for liberation, joy, and perspective to come into your life, a 1heart journey will take you there."
Cecily Sommers - Business Futurist; Author; Keynote Speaker, "50 Leading Female Futurists" (Forbes)
"The experience you cultivated gave me my life back. I am alive for the first time in over a decade. It's foreign and scary and wonderful and amazing."
Amy Shepley - President at Birkman
"The best investment I have ever made in myself was to attend a 1heart Journey."
Jules Feeuerheerdt - Founder at The Dragonfly Movement
"What can I say? This was a life-changing experience. I healed more in one week than I did in decades of therapy… I wish everyone would experience the love that is 1heart."
Amy Impara-Gregory - Senior Sales Manager at Salesforce & Life and Transformation Coach
"I've traveled around the world, participated in hundreds of workshops, met thousands of people - but this week spent with the 1heart Tribe changed it all: this was the most meaningful experience of my life."
Emily Hervieux - Real Estate Entrepreneur & Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership
"The best reason to NOT go on a 1heart Journey is to stay the same as you already are... And if that's an incredible, kind, compassionate, conscious, baller of a person, then GO & you'll meet other people like you!"
Peter Corbett - Founder of Corbett Ventures Founder & CEO of ISL
"Unbelievable! I've had previous similar experiences before and this was leaps and bounds above any of my expectations. I literally healed 36 yrs of baggage in a week, what 15+ yrs for therapy wasn't able to. I cannot recommend this group enough."
Reyna Nebeker - CEO at Cherry Lash

Don't Retreat, Journey Beyond

Five years ago, 1heart pioneered a new type of experience that has transcended any one modality, lineage, or paradigm.

Our immersive Journeys are intentionally curated from start to finish and delivered with deep care, safety, and love.

Nearly 1,000 diverse guests have joined the 1heart Tribe from 40+ countries and 150+ cities.

Our not-so-secret sauce? The community we curate with a collective intention of creating a safe, connected, and loving container before, during, and after these life-changing experiences. 

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Each 8-Week 1heart Journey Includes:

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All-Inclusive Experience in Costa Rica

  • 1-Week All-Inclusive Retreat in Costa Rica
  • Extensively Trained & Massively Talented Medicine Team
  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Epic Maloka Space
  • Temazcal Ceremony (Indigenous Sweat Lodge)
  • Immersive Programming With Leading Practitioners
  • Breakthrough Workshops + Integration Sessions
  • Conscious Movement, Yoga, Breathwork, and Ice Baths
  • Ecstatic Dances, Fire Ceremonies, and Cacao Ceremony
  • Mouth Watering Farm-to-Table Cuisine 
  • Waterfalls, Rivers, Horseback Riding, and more…
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Living Beyond 7 Week Virtual Program

  • 2-Week Virtual Preparation Program
  • 25 Page Elevaation Guide
  • 1heart's Powerful Prep Exercise: 'The Seven'
  • Comprehensive Ayahuaca Dieta (Diet) Document
  • Branded Portal & WhatsApp Support
  • Elevation Groups (<10) For Additional Layers of Support
  • Elevation Leaders (returning alumni who lead Elevation Groups)
  • 1:1 Preparation Calls with Your Elevation Leader
  • Multiple Zoom Calls to Prepare Your Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • 5-Week Virtual Integration Mastermind Program
  • Life-changing 10-year Vision Workshop
  • 8+ Integration-Focused Zoom Calls
  • Free Health+ Webinar
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1heart Global Community

  • Curated Journey Groups (We Interview EVERY Guest)
  • You'll Journey Alongside Amazing, Genuine, Deep, Impact-Driven Humans 
  • Lifetime Global Community Access to 1,000 Alumni
  • Virtual & Real-Life Meetups
  • Monthly Local Connection Events in +12 Global Markets
  • Meetups at Festivals & Events Worldwide

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Your Epic Journey Awaits

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All 1heart Journeys are in Kinkara, our magical eco-lux wonderland home in the mountains of Costa Rica. Located 4 hours south of San Jose, Kinkara is a center that weaves sacred geometry, modern luxuries, tranquil gardens, vast mountain ranges, world-class cuisine, and 5-star service to create the comfort, safety, and ease that supports our guests welcome transformation without any worry.

Each 1heart Journey is curated with 40+ amazing leaders, founders, creatives, wellness professionals, high performers, and change-makers for an all-inclusive Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica and our world-class 8-week life elevation program and mastermind. 

1heart was built by high performers for high performers. We believe we don't have to serve a million people to positively impact millions. That's why we've chosen to work with doers, creators, and leaders.

As family-centric decision-makers, professional gatekeepers, and community change-makers choose to make decisions with their hearts instead of their heads, with a We over Me mind & heart-set, organizations, households, and communities shift to hold eco-centric missions and visions rather than ego-centric ones. And it's these eco-centric worldviews that positively ripple across & into all of the relationships of the people who attend 1heart. 

If you come willing to do the work, the potential for significant personal growth and community building in a 2-month time period is amongst the highest you will see anywhere.


Journey 22: April 27 - May 4

Join us in Costa Rica for one of the most transformational weeks of your life. This Journey will be led by a legendary medicine couple with over 50 years of experience with music, space holding, and medicine work.


Journey 23: June 22-29

Join us in Costa Rica for one of the most transformational weeks of your life. This Journey will be led by the original medicine man (and his new partner) of 1heart. This Journey will sell out by the end of April.

Beyond 5-Star Reviews:

"The 1heart Journey has been one of the best experiences I've had in the past 16 years of attending self-development seminars."
Naim Hamdar - President & Co-Founder at Payzli
"1heart shouldn't be missed as a part of your life transformation process."
David Katz - Founder and CEO, Plastic Bank
"If you are looking to make a positive change in your life, I hope you put 1heart at the top of your list."
Steven Huang - Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Officer at MAPS
"I can't recommend 1heart enough. It should be a rite of passage for all humans, especially for those of us leading communities, companies, families, and others."
Jay Melone - Founder of New Haircut
"This was a journey of a lifetime - beyond all expectations. It is gold standard. If you want something different than your current reality, this journey is the construct of that change, and you will be empowered to be the architect."
Dee Hunter - Behavioural Change Coach, Speaker, Author, Conscious Leader, Commissioned Writer, Blue Zones Researcher
"My journey with 1heart was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I have done many personal growth seminars and retreats, but 1heart's attention to detail and creativity is unparalleled. I highly recommend 1heart to anyone looking to do deep work in a supportive community."
George Sachs PsyD - Founder, Sachs Center & Inflow
"Words cannot describe the 1heart experience. I am simply a different person because of 1heart. The growth and awakening is nothing short of the most profound experience of my life."
Jason Tan - CEO & Co-Founder at Sift
"I arrived a skeptic, a pessimist, an atheist. I left as an advocate, an optimist, and a true believer in the infinite. To say my life has been transformed is a true understatement. Transformation is not an easy or simple undertaking, & if you are ready, it's 1000% worth it"
Julie Weber - Partner & Co-founder of Brlint Studio
"This was hands downs the most heart-opening and mind-expanding experience of my life. There is me before and after 1heart. Having gone through this experience with 1heart I can't imagine doing it with any other org. If you are considering working with them, it's for a reason. Trust it."
Abraham Casallas - Founder & CEO, TrenDigital
"Throughout my life, and especially over the last few years, I have done quite a lot of intensive work, so I do not say this lightly at all - the seven days that I spent with 1heart was the most profound experience of my life."
Erik Oberholtzer - Founder & CEO at 58% Water

Elevate Your Life

Join 1heart for the most transformational 8-weeks of your life. Return home rejuvenated, renewed, and reborn with a powerful community of amazing humans who see you, support you, believe in you, and love you for exactly who you are.

1heart is committed to impacting millions of lives by impacting societal leaders. We believe that more elevated, conscious, and heart-centered leaders will drastically shift our organizations, communities, and world. 

We invest ourselves entirely in every guest. You matter to us and the world. 

 The 1heart team is mission-driven and fully heart-led. Our alumni know this, and it’s why our retreats sell out almost entirely from referrals. 1heart is where you know you can send your loved ones to be loved, cared for, and held through a deeply powerful experience that will elevate all areas of their life. 

1heart is not a retreat nor a vacation. It is an investment in yourself to re-imagine how you see yourself, the work you do, and the way you show up in the world. Our Journeys are the most comprehensive and intentional program you will find. They will challenge you to bring your best self forward, to release all that holds you back, and to step into your power fully. And we do it in a beautiful, loving, safe, and supportive environment.

1heart is a Journey, a Journey home. Home to your family, home to your new Tribe, and most importantly, home to yourself. We never take your trust in us for granted. We are here for you. When you feel the call, we’ll be waiting to welcome you home.

Choose Love,

Your 1heart Team

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About 1heart.

1heart is a human accelerator for heart-led humans. As the premier plant medicine program for leaders, change-makers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and other high performers, we've pioneered an 8-week life elevation program that has provided breakthroughs for nearly everyone apart of our 1,000 global community.

While the 1heart community is a pillar of our organization, other stars of our show are safety, intentionality, reverence, reciprocity, and Ayahuasca. By working with this ancient, sacred Master Plant Teacher and pairing Ayahuasca ceremonies with modern masterminds, we invite all of our guests to remember... The New Path Is An Ancient One.